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Blue Streak

Remember all of those laughs from watching Big Momma’s House I and II? Well, prepare for more because FOX has now hired a writer to make the glorious saga of an undercover cop who dresses up as an old woman a Complete Trilogy. For the latest information check here.

Also in the works is a movie called Death at a Funeral. A black comedy co-starring Chris Rock, Danny Glover and Tracy Morgan. Look for it in cinemas in Spring of 2010.

The Hit movies College Road Trip and Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins were both released to cinemas in 2008.

Martin was bigger than ever in the 2007 Blockbuster hit film Wild Hogs, co-starring alongside Tim Allen and John Travolta; and prior to that, Martin voiced the character "Boog" in the popular 2006 animated film Open Season.

Martin's previous project, Big Momma's House 2, hit cinemas on January 27, 2006. It was a big box-office hit. Be sure to check out the DVD release, and all the extra material.

Martin's previous movie, Rebound, was released on July 1st, 2005. It's about a University basketball coach who suffers a humiliating breakdown when his team loses. He is then fired and forced to accept work at a losing Junior High School. Here is a link to the Rebound Box-Office Poster.

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith came back to the streets of Miami in Bad Boys II, Martin's 2003 cinema project. Released to cinemas in July 2003, and now available for collectors on DVD. Visit the official Bad Boys II website.

Martin's previous cinema project was National Security, released in January 2003. Martin has accused a white cop of police brutality, but now must seek that same officer's assistance in order to save them both. Visit the official National Security website.

Martin's 2002 concert-film was Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat. This film shed light on Martin's roots, his rise to fame, and his walk on the wild side. "Stop the gossip, I'm still here, now run tell that!"

Martin's November 2001 movie, The Black Knight, is a time-travel comedy about a fast-talking hustler who gets transported back to the Dark Ages where he teams up with a knight and a beautiful peasant girl to battle evil. Don't miss Martin's outrageous medieval version of Sly and The Family Stone's - Dance to the Music The Black Knight is currently available on DVD. Visit the Black Knight Wikipedia page for more information.

Blue Streak (1999) and Big Momma's House (2000) were both big box-office hits for Martin. They are currently available on DVD. Blue Streak 2 had been rumoured to be in pre-production stages, and was hoped to be in cinemas sometime in 2005, but it never happened. What's The Worst That Could Happen (2001), co-starred Danny DeVito and John Leguizamo.

Life (1999), co-starring Eddie Murphy is about two Harlem, New Yorkers wrongfully convicted of murder while running moonshine down south in Mississippi. Bad Boys (1995) co-starring Will Smith, was a major box office smash about two tough cops fighting drug dealers in Miami. A Thin Line Between Love and Hate (1996), about a relationship with a dangerous woman, and Nothing to Lose (1997) co-starring Tim Robbins, are also big hits.

MartinMartin Lawrence has also starred in his own television situation comedy series called Martin. It aired on the FOX Network from 1992 to 1997. FOX was forced to cancel Martin in spring of 1997, but you can still watch the series in syndication on the USA Network, and other local stations such as CW. Check your local listings.

Martin LawrenceIn 1994 Martin released a controversial concert film entitled You So Crazy. It received the NC-17 rating, and is now available on DVD. You So Crazy, the companion book is available too, although out-of-print, it may often be found used at

In 1991 Martin starred in a film called Talkin' Dirty After Dark. Tisha Campbell and Martin both had roles in Eddie Murphy's 1992 film Boomerang. Early in Martin's career he had minor roles in House Party and House Party 2. While Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing will always be Martin's first ever major film role. don't miss it.

Martin also recorded a stand-up routine comedy album called Talking Sh/t!. It was on Billboard's chart for 33 weeks, reaching number 10. The follow-up album, Funk It!, is also available.

The Talkin Sh/t! CD, and the You So Crazy DVD are must-have items for most Martin Lawrence fans. You can watch, listen and play them and still laugh every time. The HBO stand-up comedy series: Def Comedy Jam is also recommended for ownership; many of Martin's best stand-up routines are featured.

The advertisement on the left features the six best selling Martin Lawrence DVDs from the past hour.

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