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Martin Cast

There are one hundred thirty three Martin episodes. It's hard to believe some of the changes the show has gone through since it first aired back in 1992. Of course changing jobs or wardrobes is one thing. But changing a mans attitude towards women is something else altogether. And that's exactly what Gina has been trying to do with Martin since the very first episode!

Gina Waters

There comes a time in every relationship when you make a terrible mistake. You do something so totally, unforgivably, unbelievably stupid! Like the time that Gina invited her Parents to meet Martin for the very first time. Martin had decided to behave in as brash and insensitive a manner as possible, acting on a friends advice on how to combat the nervous feelings he was having in anticipation of this special date.


There's one thing about Martin's apartment. You never know who's gonna' stop by. Or for that matter, wear out their welcome. And that's when things can get really wild. When Martin decides that it's time for somebody to step, you can be sure he will not be polite, but he will definitely be funny. "...the door's gonna slam about now!"

the doors gonna slam about now

I think Martin would be the first person to admit that he's not perfect. But when the chips are down, you can always count on him... to start buggin'! Like when Gina's girlfriend suddenly went into labor and they couldn't get her to the hospital. "Oh man!, now I know why Mama has plastic slip-covers!"

What can you say about Martin's best friends Tommy and Cole? It's always safe to say that one thing about Tommy is "he still aint got no job!" And Cole? Well, you've got to love a man who makes Martin look like a genius, no matter how hard he's trippin' The only trouble with Cole is that, if you don't keep an eye on him, somebody could get hurt! "Cole!, no you are NOT cuttin' yo' crusty-ass toenails up in here!"

Tommy Strong

But no matter how many times Tommy and Cole mess up, Martin can be sure of one thing, they've always got his back. Like the time Martin thought Gina was trying to kill him for some insurance money. "Martin, I would kill my SELF for two million dollars!"

There's an old saying: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Martin has his share of enemies, but none of them is closer, or knows how to get on his nerves better, than Gina's best friend, Pam. "Martin, where's Pam?" "I don't know, probably in a river somewhere swattin' fish!" "At least I'm tall enough to get on the rides at Disneyland, Martin!"


Who is the real Martin? Well, there's the hard working Martin who has a career in radio and TV. Then there's the sweet talking Martin who is the husband, lover, and friend of Gina. But what really makes Martin Martin is the side of him that thinks he's a fighter. And whether he's taking on the King of Pop, a giant rat, or the World Champion Tommy "the Hit Man" Hearns, you know he will always give it his best shot before he goes down for the count.

The way Martin fights, it's a good thing he has a woman in his corner who can take charge of a situation. A woman who knows how to solve conflicts in a dignified way. Gina is always there for her Martin.


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