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If you hang around with Martin long enough, you will definitely run into some strange characters. Listed below are some of the most popular ones.

Sheneneh Jenkins

Sheneneh Jenkins - Sheneneh is a girl that lives across the hall from Martin. Sheneneh always has a smart remark for Pam or Gina. "I will scatter your crooked teeth all up and down this hallway!" But there is a good side to Sheneneh too. She was there at the last minute when Gina messed up her hair on her wedding day. Sheneneh is a talented hair dresser and manicurist. Stop by Sheneneh's Crib and hang out for a while.

Momma Payne

Momma Payne - Martins over-protective Mother. Momma Payne drops by occasionally to visit with her darling boy. She often drops off home-made biscuits. One day Momma saw Martin's picture in the paper with another woman. She called Gina on the phone: "Martin?, your Momma's on the phone, And she says if I let another woman lay a hand on you, she's gonna cut me". Be sure and pay a visit to Momma Payne's Humble Home.


Jerome, Player of Players. Jerome is always hitting on Gina, but Martin never seems to be around to stick up for his woman. Jerome is a big fan of Priest from Superfly. When Martin staged a contest at a local theater, Jerome won the title "Player of Players." Check out Jerome's Player Page.

Bro'manBrother-man - Better known as Bro'man, he just moved to Detroit from South Alabama. He still possesses countrified mannerisms and dress habits. He lives on the 5th floor and uses the fire escape to gain entry to Martin's apartment. An Afro version of Seinfeld's Cosmo Kramer, Bro'man is constantly raiding Martin's fridge and borrowing stuff. When Bro'man borrowed Martins portable CD player without asking, Martin went around and accused each of his 4 best friends of theft. You should've seen the look on Martin's face when Bro'man returned it! Bro'man helped Martin out one day by lulling Martin's infant nephew, Cameron, to sleep. I just picked the little Brother up, and held him close to my heart. Stop by The 5th Floor and chill.

Ol' Otis

Otis The Security Guard- Otis has a big mouth and a fat belly. He is constantly bragging about his law enforcement abilities. He is armed with a tazer gun. He has guarded the apartment building and on one occasion actually saved Gina's life. Watch Otis Goose Pam with a hand-held metal-detector while checking her through airport security.

Roscoe The Snot-nose Kid - only 10 years old, but he has a desperate crush on Gina. Used to break into Gina's old apartment with his brat friends and gamble. He got his Dad to move into Martin's apartment building after Gina moved there. He often makes explicit remarks to Gina. Roscoe will often show up knocking at Martin's door, demanding money and hassling anybody who answers.

Ms. Geri

Ms. Geri - A sassy senior citizen that doesn't tolerate disrespect from youngsters. Martin calls her Miss Geritol. Don't miss Martin's visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles -- never try to cut in front of Ms. Geri!


Hustle Man - Hustle Man appeared on Martin's TV talk-show Word on The Street in a talent show with his Rapping Chihuahua. he also atternded try-outs at Midtown Records playing a saxophone that had a kazoo mouthpiece. "Martin! Hustle Man was just havin' a goin' outta' business sale!" "Where'd he go Cole?" "I don't know, but it was in the back of a police car!" Hustleman is often seen on the tough urban streets of the ghetto trying to sell questionable black-market goods lined on the inside of his trench-coat. And who can forget Hustlemans door-to-door food catering based out of a stolen shopping cart? Don't forget to check out Hustleman's page.


Elroy The Mechanic Elroy wants to be a famous rhythm-and-blues singer, but he can't sing worth beans. For now he drives a tow truck, and repairs Pam's and Gina's cars when they break-down. "Pam i fixed the turbo on your car" "My Car Aint Got No Turbo!" "Well it does now!" any time you are in a hurry and need your car fixed fast - you can expect to be delayed considerably by having to watch and listen to Elroy's song and dance routines. Elroy is an honest man and a great mechanic. He is still waiting for his big break in the music recording industry ...can you help him?

Big Shirley - Cole's sweetheart. Seven feet tall and built like a refrigerator. The camera never gets up above her bust.

Buckwhite - Buckwhite works at Jim's Barber Shop. He also hangs out at Martin's whenever there is a good ball-game on TV. He is sometimes seen at Nipsey's lounge too. Buckwhite is a six-foot-tall white boy with a six-inch-tall Afro.

Dragonfly Jones- Dragon Fly Jones is a Black man who is all into Karate but has no skills. The funniest thing about him is, before he spars, he breaks out into this outrageous warm-up routine. It is hilarious. He does all these moves, kicks, and eye pokes. Then when he finishes, he just rushes his opponent and ends up getting his ass whipped.

Angry Man - That's what Martin calls him. Every time Martin is out in public and starts buggin, Angry Man appears and says: "Man... sit yo' ass down." Martin bumps in to him at Nipsey's too.

Bob The White Dude - Gina and Pam sneak off to Chicago and end up in a penthouse hotel room tearin' the pants off some male stripper. Bob the white dude is there at the party, and answers the telephone when Martin calls to check up on Gina.

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