To Momma Payne's
Humble Home
All Momma's words are in orange.
Edna Payne

Edna Payne is Martin's mother. She loves her little boy dearly, but tends to be a bit over-protective. "I will knock your teeth out Gina!" Momma Payne enjoys stopping by the apartment to visit. But Martin is seldom if ever home! Below you will find a choice collection of Momma's dearest words...

The First Episode

From the very first episode. Momma stops by to see her darling boy. One of the rare instances in which Martin and Momma are seen together on film.

Martin? I just stopped by to give you this record. We Are The World, by Michael Jackson. Now play that on your show today.

Martin: But Ma i told you, it's talk radio, we don't play records.

Momma becomes angry, Now you don't talk back to Momma! This record is powerful! It just might make this world a better place for you and me!

Martin: Sorry Momma, OK. And tell that girl Gina if she's gonna be spendin' the night over here, she needs to start payin' the rent!

The Wedding

Edna Payne

It's Martin and Gina's wedding day.

Momma Payne arrives: Lord! I'm here for my boy's wedding day!

Gina's Dad: "Could it be any worse?"

I heard that! Don't make me cut you! We'll have a funeral and a wedding in the same damn day!

Gina's Mother: "Get off my man!"

You want some? I'll cut you too! Oh lord, they've got my blood-pressure all up.

The Reverend: "Please sit down Madam."

OK! Don't push! OK?

Minutes later it is discovered that Martin and Gina have eloped and gone to the Bahamas.

Momma is Hysterical: Oh lord! She done stole my boy and left the country! That little apple-head stole my boy!

Life Insurance

Momma has just overheard Gina discussing Martin's life insurance policy with an agent. Momma fears the worst. She throws the agent out, then turns on Gina.

Gina: Mrs. Payne, what is this all about?

Oh don't play dumb with me Gina! You know damn well what this is about! You got too much head to be stupid! You didn't even invite me to the wedding! I'm still pissed about that... Thin Thighs!

Gina covers her legs in shame with a newspaper. Momma leaves, and slams the door on the way out.

Other Bits

Martin's missing. Gina answers the phone "Baby! Baby, is this this you?"

Gina! you tryin' to push-up on me again?

On the phone, Mrs. Payne is angry and Gina is impatient. Gina "Mrs. Payne I've got to go, ...bye

You better not let me catch yo' ass on the street Gina!

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