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Jerome calls himself the player of players. He thinks he's up there with Priest from Superfly. Jerome is 15 years older than Martin, and Jerome is 100% Old School: Parliament, Funkadelic, Curtis Mayfield, original Shaft movies, Cleopatra Jones, Black Caesar... Ol' Romey Rome could definitely tell you about these things.

But then what's up with the time Gina pulled up to a stop light and Jerome tried to wash her window? And why does Jerome duck and hide whenever the police drive by? Pam tells Jerome to cool it with those tired Superfly lines. So 'Romey Rome' made up a few of his own. "You got to lose your friend-zo if ya wanna ride in the Benz-o!" and "If ya wanna get with a winner, you got to lose that chicken dinner!" Visit Jeromes Favorite Site

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