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the good life

Penelope Keith (To The Manor Born) and Paul Eddington (Yes Minister) star as Margo and Jerry Leadbetter in this sitcom that pits the good life against the high life. Tom and Barbara Good (Richard Briers and Felicity Kendal) are their neighbors whose living-off-the-land antics put them at odds with the social-climbing but kind-hearted Leadbetters.

The Good Life vs. Good Neighbors

good neighbors

People living in the United Kingdom know this program as The Good Life. This was how it was released and is the original title of the show. However, when it was released in the United States, the title was changed to Good Neighbors. Nothing else was changed and the American release has the same flower, bird and bee as the English release.

Why the change then? There was an American sitcom called The Good Life starring Larry Hagman and Donna Mills. It ran from September 1971 to January 1972 on NBC. While it was not running when the British version came to The United States, the name was changed so as not to be confused with this earlier American show.

The Episode Guide

good neighborsThere are 30 episodes of Good Neighbors. Four series of seven episodes each, and 2 specials: The 1977 Christmas Special, and The Royal Command Performance which was given before Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in June of 1978. Click the links below to visit the Episode Guide pages:

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The Cast List below has off-site links to each actor/actresses profile at the Internet Movie Database:

Richard Briers
Felicity Kendal
Penelope Keith
Paul Eddington
Reginald Marsh
Charmian May
Moyra Fraser
Tom Good
Barbara Good
Margo Leadbetter
Jerry Leadbetter
Sir / Andrew
Mrs. Weaver
Felicity, Sirs' Wife
good neighbors

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