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Momma! "Boy" is a white racist term!

good times

Michael's Protests

Florida: Michael where have you been? Michael: I was at a protest to get more Black policemen for the Ghetto! Florida: What happened? Michael: Oh ...some Black policemen came and broke it up!

Florida: Michael where have you been this time? Michael: I was at the City Hall protesting the Board of Education meeting! James Sr: The militant midget strikes again! What does your sign say? "If you can read this, you didn't go to Wilson Elementary School."


Michael: Momma, that IQ exam was nothing but a White racist test! Florida: Oh Michael! How can that be? Michael: It don't tell how smart you are, it just tells how White you are! Florida: OK, your father and I will have a talk with your teacher tomorrow.

Michael: There's some things about Christmas I sure don't like! Florida: What's wrong now Michael? Michael: You know that ugly Anita on the first floor? Well, I was walkin' by and she said 'come here for a minute'. So I went over, and she pointed at the misselltoe over the door, then kissed me right dead in the mouth! Thelma: Well Michael, you've always said you believed in Black unity! Michael: She had lipstick on! I hate lipstick! She makes me sick with her ugly old self!


Michael: Daddy how come you're so much for busing? You were never bused! James Sr: Yeah I was too! When I was a kid in Mississippi, I was bused... by foot! Past three beautiful White schools, to a crummy Black one!

Michael: Alderman Davis! How come you never tell what your position is on the citizens review board to handle complaints against the police? Davis: Cute kid you got there James... real cute. James Sr: He's gonna look even cuter when he has to sleep standin' up tonight!

Willona: I've got Michael's birthday cake -- chocolate cake, chocolate icing, chocolate filling, and Power to The People spelled out in chocolate chips!


Florida: I'll be gone for the weekend. Now for breakfast tomorrow there's oatmeal and eggs. And for lunch there's gonna be fried chicken -- I stayed up late last night making it. J.J: Uh... Mom? I wouldn't count on that fried chicken if I were you. Florida: What do you mean? J.J: I stayed up later last night, and ate it! Florida: That's just great! Now you don't have anything for lunch! Thelma: Don't worry Ma! You know I can always cook somethin'! Michael: Huh! That still leaves us with no lunch!

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