last of the summer wine

Last of The Summer Wine

last of the summer wine
Click HereSummer Wine - 1995 Reserve
Nine Episodes: Man Who Nearly Knew Pavarotti; Glory Hole; Adopted By A Stray; Defeat Of The Stoneworm; Once in a Moonlit Junkyard; Space Ace; Most Powerful Eyeball in West Yorkshire; Dewhirsts of Ogleby Hall; Sweet Smell of Excess. 4 Hours 50 Minutes
2 DVDs ($29.98)
Click HereSummer Wine - Vintage 1995
Ten Episodes: Leaving Home Forever (or 'Till Teatime); Bicycle Bonanza; Glamour of the Uniform; First Human Being to Ride a Hill; Captain Clutterbuck's Treasure; Desperate for a Duffield; Suit That Turned Left; Beware of the Elbow; Thing in Wesley's Shed; Brushes at Dawn. Plus: 30 Years of Last of the Summer Wine; A Leg Up for Christmas; The Funny Side of Christmas. 6 Hours
2 DVDs ($29.98)
Click HereSummer Wine - Vintage 1993
Ten Episodes: How to Clear Your Pipes; Where There's Smoke There's Barbeque; Black Widow; Have You Got a Light Mate; Stop That Bath; Springing Smiler; Concerto for Solo Bicycle; There are Gypsies at the Bottom of our Garden; Aladdin Gets On Your Wick; Welcome To Earth. 5 Hours
2 DVDs ($29.98)
Click HereSummer Wine - Vintage 1992
Ten Episodes: By The Magnificent Thighs Of Ernie Burniston; Errol Flynn Used to Have a Pair Like That; Phantom of the Graveyard; Self-Propelled Salad Strainer; Ordeal By Trousers; Happy Birthday Howard; Who's Got Rhythm; Camera Shy; Wheelies; Stop That Castle. 5 Hours
2 DVDs ($29.98)
Click HereSummer Wine - Vintage 1991
Seven Episodes: Quick Quick Slow; Give Us a Lift; Was That Nora Batty Singing; Cash Flow Problems; Passing the Earring; Pole Star; Situation Vacant. 3 Hours 30 Minutes.
1 DVD ($20.98)
Click HereSummer Wine - Vintage 1990
Ten Episodes: Return to the Warrior; Come in Sunray Major; Charity Balls; Walking Stiff Can Make You Famous; That's Not Captain Zero; Das Welly Boot; Empire That Foggy Nearly Built; Last Surviving Maurice Chevalier Impression; A Landlady for Smiler; Barry's Christmas. 5 Hours 30 Minutes.
2 DVDs ($29.98)
Click HereSummer Wine - Vintages 1988 & 1989
13 Episodes: The Experiment; Treasure of the Deep; Dancing Feet; That Certain Smile; Downhill Racer; Day of the Welsh Ferret; Come Back Jack Harry Teesdale; The Kiss and Mavis Poskit; Oh Shut up and Eat Your Choc-Ice; Who's That Bloke With Nora Batty Then; Happy Anniversary Gough and Jessie; Getting Barry Higher in the World; Three Men and a Mangle. 6 Hours 30 Minutes.
2 DVDs ($30.98)
Click HereHoliday Specials 1986-1989
Four Episodes: Merry Christmas Father Christmas; Big Day at Dram Acres; Crums; What's Santa Brought For Nora Then. 3 Hours 40 Minutes.
2 DVDs ($29.98
Click HereSummer Wine - Vintage 1987
13 Episodes: Uncle of the Bride; Why Does Norman Clegg Buy Ladies Elastic Stockings; Heavily Reinforced Bottom; Dried Dates and Codfanglers; Really Masculine Purse; Who's Feeling Ejected Then; Ice Cream Man Cometh; Set the People Free; Go With the Flow; Jaws; Edie and the Automobile; Wind Power; When You Take a Good Bite, Yorkshire Tastes Terrible. 6 Hours
3 DVDs ($32.98)
Click HereSummer Wine - Vintage 1985
Eight Episodes: Christmas 1983 - Getting Sam Home; Christmas 1984 - The Loxley Lozenge; Mysterious Feet of Nora Batty; Keeping Britain Tidy; Enter the Phantom; Catching Digby's Donkey; The Woollenmills of Your Mind; Who's Looking After the Cafe Then. 5 Hours.
2 DVDs ($29.98)
Click HereSummer Wine - Vintage 1982-1983
13 Episodes: In the Service of Humanity; Car and Garter; Odd Dog Men; A Bicycle Made For Three; One of the Last Few Places Unexplored By Man; Serenade For Tight Jeans and Metal Detector; From Wellies to Wet Suit; Frozen Turkey Man; White Man's Grave; Waist Land; Cheering Up Ludovic; Three Astaires; Arts of Concealment. 6 Hours 30 Minutes.
2 DVDs ($29.98)
Click HereLast of the Summer Wine: The Story of the World's Longest-Running Comedy Series
It started in 1973, and after 30 series it is still going strong, even though all its original protagonists —Compo, Clegg, Foggy, even Nora Batty— are now dead. This book covers the show’s inauspicious beginnings, with low ratings; its endless re-invention as participants like Bill Owen, Michael Bates, Brian Wilde, and Kathy Staff retired or died; the appearance of a string of guest stars from John Cleese and Norman Wisdom to Thora Hird and Russ Abbott. Thorough, affectionate and well-written, this is a must-have for all fans of the show. 320 Pages, Softcover
Book ($16.95)
Click HereSummer Wine - Vintage 1979
Seven Episodes: Full Steam Behind; The Flag and its Snag; The Flag and Further Snags; Deep in the Heart of Yorkshire; Earnshaw Strikes Again; Here We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder; Here We Go Again into the Wild Blue Yonder. 3 Hours 30 Minutes.
DVD ($20.98)
Click HereThe Christmas Specials 1978-1982
Four Episodes: Small Tune on a Penny Wassail; And a Dewhurst Up a Fir Tree; Whoops; All Mod Conned. 2 Hours 6 Minutes.
DVD ($20.98)
Click HereSummer Wine - Vintage 1977
Eight Episodes: Ferrett Come Home; Getting On Sydney's Wire; Jubilee; Flower Power Cut; Who Made a Bit of a Splash in Wales Then; Greenfingers; A Merry Heatwave; The Bandit from Stoke on Trent. Plus: Rare 1977 Interview with Roy Clarke. 4 Hours 5 Minutes.
2 DVDs ($29.98)
Click HereSummer Wine - Vintage 1976
Seven Episodes: The Man From Oswestry; Mending Stuarts Leg; The Great Boarding House Bathroom Caper; Cheering Up Gordon; The Kink in Foggy's Niblick; Going to Gordon's Wedding; Isometrics and After. Extras: Interview with Petere Sallis and Brian Wilde. 3 Hours 30 Minutes.
DVD ($20.98)

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